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Visual Kei free essay sample

Visual Kei One of the most luxurious and intriguing of music scenes, Visual Kei, all the more regularly depicted as Japanese stun rock, is a developing interest in any event, for individuals who dont like Japanese music. With the rising prevalence of groups like Dir En Gray and DespairsRay, who will play on this years Taste Of Chaos visit, it won't be long until it turns into a famous class. What makes Visual Kei not the same as expected J-rock is the garments. Not at all like its melodic partner Oshare Kei, which depends on adorableness, Visual Kei has a darker look to it. Dark, calfskin, and goth-lolita style garments are well known. I initially got into the scene a year ago when I was still into metal. I was watching Headbangers Ball and they put on Dir En Grays video for Saku(bloom). Kyous very contorted look and the total bleakness of the video creeped me out, which completely got my advantage. We will compose a custom paper test on Visual Kei or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page I didnt truly tune in to much Dir En Gray from that point onward, I was progressively keen on J-fly at that point. In any case, I got tore once more into this year, getting irritated with tuning in to similar groups over once more, I went looking for new ones. Also, that is the thing that I found. The music is astounding and the look is insane. I think most about the groups objective is to leave an impact on individuals and they surely have achieved that.

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Battle Ground Descriptive

Fight Ground Descriptive BY YE Luis Alberta urea was conceived in Tijuana to a Mexican dad and American mother. He experienced childhood In San Diego and went to the college of California. After graduation and a short vocation a film extra, Urea worked with a volunteer association that gives food, attire, and clinical supplies to the poor of Northern Mexico. In 1982 he showed composing at Harvard. His latest novel, Into the Beautiful North, was distributed In 2010. Fringe Story In this depiction of the Mexican-American outskirt from over the wire: Life andHard Times on The Mexican Border (1 993), Urea utilizes the gadget of a subsequent individual to put his peruser in the scene. By making you† the â€Å"illegal†, he tries to writer and humanism the situation of the poor looking for another life in the US. 1. Around evening time, the Border Patrol helicopters dive and stir In the caution up and down the line. You can sit In the Mexican slopes and watch them crowd people on the dusty slants over the valley. They seem as though sci-fi creates, centered lights raking the ground as they fly. 2.Borderlands local people are so Jaded by seeing daily human chasing that It doesn't enroll In their brains. In any case, take an alien to the outskirt, and she will see the scene: huge Dodge trucks speeding into and out of the scene; formally dressed men watching with electric lamps, firearms and mutts; spotlights; running figures; lines of individuals rushed onto transports by furnished watchmen; and the unending clack of the helicopters with their unforgiving white pillars. A Dutch lady once revealed to me It appeared to be inside and out â€Å"UN-American†. 3.But the Mexicans continue coming-and the Guatemalan, the Salvadoran, the Panamanian, the Columbians. The seven-mile stretch of Interstate 5 closest the Mexican fringe is, on occasion. So blocked with Latin American people on foot that it looks like a town square. 4. They adhere to the inside Island . Running down the length of the Island Is a concrete divider. On the off chance that the â€Å"illegal's† ( as of now â€Å"undocumented workers†: once in the past' â€Å"wetback's†) are strolling north and a Border Patrol vehicle occurs along, they just bounce over the divider and jog south.The official should drive up to the 805 exchange, or Dairy Mart Road, swing over the bridges, at that point drive south. Contingent upon where this interest egging, his temporary re-route could involve five to ten miles of driving. At the point when the official at last arrives at the gathering, they jump over the divider and run north. Moreover, on the grounds that roads captures would jeopardize traffic, the Border Patrol has successfully surrendered In give up. 5. It appears to be Jolly on the page. In any case, Imagine destitution, viciousness, cataclysmic events, or political dread pushing you away from all that you know.Imagine how terrible things get the chance to ma ke you abandon your family, your companions, your darlings; your home, as unassuming as it may be; your congregation, state. How about we take it further-eve bid farewell to the memorial park, the canine, the goat, the mountains where you previously chased, your evaluation school, your express, your preferred spot on the stream where you angled and set aside some effort to think. 6. At that point you come hundreds-or thousands-of miles across domain completely obscure to you. ( Chances are, you have never voyage I OFF of trucks, spent piece of you valuable cash on transport fare.There is no AAA or Travelers Aids Society accessible to you. Different highlights of your Journey north may incorporate police defilement; savagery in the types of beatings, assault, murder, torment, street mishaps; robbery; imprisonment. Also, you may encounter dejection, dread, weariness, distress, cold, heat, looseness of the bowels, thirst, hunger. There is no clinical consideration accessible to you. Th ere isn't even Ext. 7. Weeks or months after the fact, you show up in Tijuana. Alongside different workers, you incline toward the awful pieces of town on the grounds that there is no place for you to go in the glittery segment where the gringo's flock.You remain in an overview little lodging in the seedy area of town, or behind the transport terminal. Or on the other hand you can discover your way to the landfills, where you put together a little roadbed home and guarantee a couple of feet of earth for yourself. The trash pickers working this dump may permit you to crouch, they may come and burglarize you, or consume you out for defying some neighborhood guideline you can't know heretofore. Now and then the landfill is constrained by an organization, and goon crews may come to you inside a day. They need cash, and in the event that you can't pay, you should leave or endure the results. 8.In town, you face perpetual factorization on the off chance that you aren't streetwise. The pol ice come after you, road hooligans come after you, frivolous crooks come after you; outsiders attempt your or around evening time as you rest. Numerous obscure men offer to control you over the outskirt, and every one needs the entirety of your cash now, and vows to meet you at a prearranged spot. A portion of your kindred explorers end their Journey directly here-soothed of their reserve funds and left to look out for a dim corner until they understand they are going no place. 9. On the off chance that you are not Mexican, and can't past as heavenliness, a nearby, the extreme folks discover you out.Salvadoran and Guatemalan are routinely whipped and looted. Now and then they are distorted. Indians-Chicanes, Masticates, Guavas, Capote's, Mays-are offended and pushed around; regularly they are fortunate they are simply disregarded. They utilize this to further their potential benefit. Frequently they don't fantasy about intersection into the United States: a Mexican innate individual could always be unable to mix in, and they know it. To them, the landfills and road distributing and asking in Tijuana are an immense open door over their previous lives. As Dona Paula, a Chicane companion of mines who lives at the Tijuana trash dump, let me know, â€Å"This is the trash dump.Take all you need. There's bounty here for everybody! † 10. On the off chance that you are a lady, the men come after you. You lock yourself in your room, and when you should leave it to utilize the pestilential open washroom toward the finish of your floor, you rush, and you check each corner. Now and again the lights are out in the latrine room. Once in a while men tune in at the entryway. They call you â€Å"good-looking† and â€Å"pitch† and â€Å"impact,† and they make kissing sounds at you when you pass. 1 . You're in the most exceedingly terrible piece of town, however you can comfort yourself-in any event there are no demise crews here.There are no torments here, or crook land Aaron riding into your home. This is the last hindrance, you think, among you and the United States-Los Humanities Estates. 12. You despite everything face police defilement, viciousness, Jail. You currently additionally have an assortment of new choice accessible to you; drugs, prostitution, white subjection, wrongdoing. Tijuana isn't simple on newcomers. It is a city that has consistently flourished with exploiting a sucker. What's more, the honest are a definitive suckers in the Borderlands. This entry and this inquiry Urea had considered the outskirt a â€Å"battlefield. † How does his portrayal represent this view?

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Satirical Poem :: essays research papers

College Applying to school is a moderate and difficult procedure. Since it’s extremely difficult to get acknowledged, except if You are preferred qualified over thousands, and their thousands. You know; the financial balances in the Caribbean islands. I needed to concentrate super hard for the SAT’s, So as to try and stand a shot into any of the ivy alliances. Also, fortunately, My family, Can give a library, Or on the other hand rather than Columbia University, I’d be headed toward Albany. There are entire pack of these purported entrance advisory boards, Who skim through your extracurricular exercises, Since that’s the main way you may have the option to get in with those B’s. In spite of the fact that the hold up is long, don’t stress, since it truly is reasonable, Because if you’re a minority, deny you, they wouldn’t dare. In the event that the letter says â€Å"Sorry, however we can not acknowledge you into the graduating class of 2005† You’ll endure! Since you can at present retreat to the U.S News and World report, What's more, take a gander at the following twenty-five schools for comfort. Most exceedingly terrible comes to most exceedingly terrible there’s a flawless little stunt, You should simply be conceived holding a lacrosse stick. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you truly need to make a bunny appear out of nowhere, Take a stab at supplementing that with a homerun stick, Maybe even a wrestling mat, What's more, you’ll get in, much the same as that! What's more, above all you should choose West coast or East coast and to what extent is the ride? Be that as it may, everything pays off toward the end, with a vocation at Price Waterhouse Cooper or Goldman Sachs, So that at the multi year secondary school get-together you’ll be getting the last snickers. What’s truly astounding however is that with all these extraordinary schools this nation brings to the table It’s astounding that such huge numbers of children are as yet hanging out, smoking on the corner. Adulterating their psyches with medications and prostitutes While all their extra time ought to be spent improving their scores. Stepping through many tests after test after test after test, Ensuring their folks gauges are met, and obviously kept

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Intentionally Decline Cash Payments - Free Essay Example

There are businesses who intentionally decline cash payments and they know exactly what they are doing. In an article titled How the Cashless Economy Shut Out the Poor written by Ginia Bellafante, she writes about her experience when attending a restaurant that declined her cash payment. If she did not pay with a card or apple she was forced to find food elsewhere. These companies are intentionally doing this to keep away the poor. 7 percent of American households have no one in them with a checking or savings account, while an additional 19 percent are considered underbanked, meaning that they rely on products or services outside the conventional financial system. (Bellafante, Ginia). The restaurants and business that are partaking in this are discriminating toward those who are not as wealthy and cannot maintain a card or pay using apple. We are now shutting out the poor from being able to consume certain goods and serves. According to Ginia, Visa went forth with the attempt to create a war on cash. Implementing payments through technology. Turns out every time their network is utilized they receive a fee. In another article titled Should a Nonprofit Splurge on Management? written by Kwame Anthony Appiah, also touches on the importance of income inequality. In this article, it tells of an individual who was employed at a nonprofit. Recently it suffered a great loss financially which led to many employees being laid off and later was informed that the senior managers salaries summed up close to the budget and were paying for their presidents company vehicle. ( There was no consideration at all in regards to those who were fired and let go from their employment. They were chosen to be laid off without being aware of their status at home, who they have to take care of if they even can afford to continue paying their rent or even purchase food. This also ties in with the topic of poverty and discrimination. Ginia wrote of business who refuse to accept cash payments. Unfortunately the poor and those living in poverty more than likely do not obtain credit cards or debit cards. T he businesses that are promoting payments with apple and card are aware of that and continue to enforce this policy to keep those who are not as wealthy far away as possible from their business. It is absurd that individuals would deny a human because of their economic status, but that is the world we live in. We are depriving an individual of consuming food, purchasing clothes, and so many other goods and services. Those who work for companies who are promoting this type of transaction are helping to create a bias discriminative demeanor towards those who are poor, are living in poverty, and those who just so happen to leave their card at home one day leaving them with the cash in their wallet. The employees who lost their jobs received the short end of the stick. Those who are wealthier and higher than them did not feel the burden as those who lost their job did. Instead, they are still gaining more money and in this case a new vehicle. There is constantly segregation among individuals due to their economic status, race, religion, gender, etc. If we allow companies to deny us the ability to pay in cash the wealthier individuals who are running these companies and huge corporations will continue to make money off it. Those who are living in poverty will not benefit from this. Where there is discrimination it leads to income inequality which then helps to increase the rates of poverty. There are other factors that contribute to income inequality such as, ability, education, unequal distribution of wealth and plenty more. Sadly, it is something that is constant and unavoidable due to the fact that we have to continue producing output.

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The Mind Changing Disease From Post Traumatic Stress...

The Mind Changing Disease. Throughout the novel Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger the main character Holden Caulfield Shows Valid signs of suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Holden exhibits PTSD Through his thought process and actions during his journey through New York City until the end of the novel. Holden without a doubt experiences a psychological journey and shows PTSD like symptoms from his departure at Pencey Prep till he ends up at a mental institution. Holden is burdened with this mental illness most likely by the death of his younger brother, Allie as Holden shows signs of his feelings towards the death and how he is coping with it. First, To understand Holden’s connection with PTSD oneself should be†¦show more content†¦In the 1950’s where the setting of the novel took place it is obvious to see that PTSD is not nearly as common as it is in modern times but was still somewhat relevant due to mostly the chaos surrounding World War II as the National cen ter for post traumatic stress disorder says that 37% of the WWII veterans have current PTSD. Also including the Vietnam War, more than half of all Vietnam Veterans about 1.7 million have experienced PTSD according to Webmd. But war veterans aren’t the only ones who develop The disease,in the united states 60% of men and 50% of women experience a traumatic event in their lifetimes of those 8% of men and 20% of woman may develop PTSD. So yes, it can be concluded that most PTSD victims in Holden’s time were either WWII veterans or just abnormal cases of it scattered here and there which is probably the case for Holden. Holden was never really diagnosed With PTSD or if he was he never says as he ends the novel with â€Å"THAT S ALL i’m going to tell you about. I could probably tell you what I did after I went home, and how i got sick and all, and what school i’m supposed to go to next fall, after i get out of here, but i don’t feel like it† (Salinger 234). But The symptoms of PTSD and Holden’s behavior are very similar which leads oneself to agree that he does suffer from PTSD. For example the national institute of mental health says PTSD is usually accompanied by depression

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The Origin Of The Universe - 1363 Words

The Origin the Universe was explained over centuries by different people and in different parts of the world. The African myths of Bumba, Bishop Usher (Book of Genesis), Greek philosopher Aristotle’s explanation of eternal universe, German philosopher Immanuel Kant thesis and anti-thesis about the beginning or eternal universe all tried to explain the origins or eternal existence of Universe. Later part of 20th century many scientific theories were more convincing explanations for of the origin of Universe. Einstein Theory formulated the General Theory of Relativity that relates to space, time and gravity. Willem de Sitter, Aleksandr Friedmann and Georges Lemaitre later applied Theory of Relativity to the Universe and confirmed that the Universe could be expanding. Vesto Slipher observed that galaxies were moving from us than approaching us. Edwin Hubble discovered that universe was smaller in the past and has been expanding. The Big Bang Theory states that the universe began by expanding from a small volume to a large volume with high density and temperature. It carried out matter as the planet became larger. Einstein describes how the Theory of Relativity was used to support the Big Bang Theory. Einstein explained that the matter in the universe is expanded and contracted with the fabric of space. The discovery of quasars finally supported the Big Bang Theory and proved the Steady State theory was weaker. The quasars supported the Big Bang theory by discovering that thereShow MoreRelatedThe Origins of the Universe1315 Words   |  6 PagesOrigins of the Universe - For Romes earliest period, history and myth are difï ¬ cult to distinguish. - The Roman mythological tradition is particularly rich in historical myths/legends, concerning the foundation/rise of the city. - traditional stories handed down by the ancient Romans themselves explain the earliest history of their city in legend/myth. - most familiar myths, Romulus and Remus, the twins who were suckled by a she-wolf. - Used to describe how rome came to be - Once boys grown up, decideRead MoreOrigin of the Universe4354 Words   |  18 PagesThe Origin of the universeÂ… The Origin of the Universe by Bilal Qureshi Since the dawn of intelligent man, humanity has speculated about the origins of the universe. There is evidence, which indicates that the universe started around 15 billion years ago. This is probably theRead MoreCosmology : The Origin Of The Universe900 Words   |  4 PagesCosmology is the study of the origin of the universe in the sense of how it comes into being. At the foundation of nearly every culture is a creation myth that explains how Earth in its entity came to be. These myths have an immense influence on people’s framework of reference. They all come from one early source and are different only because time and local cultural circumstances have embellished or altered them. Despite being separated by numerous geographical barriers; many cultures before andRead MoreThe Origin of Man and The Universe699 Words   |  3 Pagesbetween the fossils that we have now. When Darwin first founded the theory he thought the missing links would be found, but none have been found yet. Evolution and Creation both try to account for the creation of the universe. Evolutionists believe that everything in the universe evolved from a single mass of hydrogen. They believe that everything during the evolutionary process happened naturally, including the creation of life. They believe that mankind is the end of a very long evolutionaryRead More The Big Bang Theory of the Origin of the Universe Essay2983 Words   |  12 Pagesof where the universe we see today came from has been answered, or at least answered as well as possible with the technology available. Currently the leading theory for the origin of the universe is the Big Bang theory. Although some scientists still dispute this model for the development of the universe, the vast majority of scientists accept it as truth. The Big Bang theory cannot be proven, but it is the theory that is most consistent with the facts we have today about our universe. HISTORY Read MoreThe Universe s Origin Centers On A Cosmic Catastrophe978 Words   |  4 PagesThe theory of the universe s origin centers on a cosmic catastrophe known as the big bang. The big bang theory proponents imply that 10 billion to 20 billion years ago, a massive blast from an ancient and unknown type of energy allowed all the universe s known matter and energy, including space and time. The big bang theory was first suggested in the 1920 s by a Belgian priest named Georges Lemaà ®tre. He theorized that the universe began from a single primordial atom. The idea received major reinforcementsRead MoreEssay on Sciene and Christianity512 Words   |  3 Pages Generally, science and Christianity are considered two contradictory views of the universe. Science symbolizes an evolutionary and naturalistic view of the universe from which God is (or at least can be) excluded. Christianity symbolizes a world view where everything is created by the direct creative act of God. Science offers us different ways at looking at the origins of life. Its two most famous theories are the Big Bang and the theory of evolution. TheRead MoreThe Law of Causation: Justification for the Beginning of the Universe?855 Words   |  3 PagesAdequate to the effect and it must precede or coincide with the effect. For example, a butterfly flapping its wings cannot cause a hurricane, or pulling the trigger on a gun will cause it to fire. Causality can be applied anywhere in the known universe and it will always be correct, or will it? When thinking about causation, it seems that we apply this to life every day and don’t even realize it. For example, finding someone lying on the ground yelling out in pain from a fractured leg immediatelyRead MoreThe Cosmological Argument643 Words   |  3 PagesThe Cosmological Argument An important argument to try and prove the existence of God is the Cosmological Argument brought on by observations of the physical universe, made by Saint Thomas Aquinas, a thirteenth century Christian philosopher. The cosmological argument is a result from the study of the cosmos; Aquinas borrows ideas from Aristotle to make this systematically organized argument. Aquinas’ first point begins with the observation that everything is moving. Aquinas’ says that everythingRead MoreOriginal Creation of Earth1117 Words   |  5 Pagesa primeval ocean, which in turn developed from chance conglomerations of inorganic chemicals. Ultimately, these chemicals themselves were produced by the â€Å"Big Bang† origin of the actual universe. Against overwhelming evidence it is said that the Big Bang happened billions of years ago, and gives argument that the earth and the universe are only 6,000 - 10,000 years old. The Big-Bang Theory was first proposed in 1927 in an attempt to scientifically explain the shifting of distant galaxies away from

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Business Intelligence Essential Methodologies and Tools

Question: Discuss about the Essay for Business Intelligence of Essential Methodologies and Tools. Answer: Introduction The purpose of making this report is to discuss about management information system. Management Information System that is commonly known as MIS, is highly used in business organizations for handling various business operations. This system has revolutionized the way data is being used for making decisions regarding business knowledge management. The purpose of making this report is to evaluate the impact of business intelligence and business analytics on improving business decision making and managing business knowledge. Management Information System is actually a computerized database which is used to store financial information in an organized way. This system is able to generate business reports that are used by business management for making decisions. Now we will discuss about some other essential concepts about management information system. (ComputerWeekly, 2016) Discussion How does decisions making works in business environment? Decision making is an essential process that is important for every business organizations. There are various critical business activities where appropriate decision making is required. There are different types of decision making that are used in business environments and here we will discuss that how decision making works in organizations. (SearchBusinessAnalytics, 2016) Decisions making process works by following some essential steps that are listed as below: Identification of Purpose for Making Decision Collection of Information Principles for Judging Alternatives Analysis about Different Choice Evaluation about Alternatives Selection of best Alternative Execution of Decision Evaluation of Results Identification of Purpose for Making Decision In process of decision making, identification of purpose for which we are going to make decision is necessary. In this process, whole problem is analyzed properly. Under this phase, some essential questions are considered such as what is the actual problem? why problem should be solved? Who will be affected with this problem? Is there any deadline for solving problem? Collection of Information There can be various stakeholders of organization. In addition there can be dozens of factors involved that can affect problem. To resolve these problems, it is necessary to gather information that is related to factors and stakeholders that are involved in problem. For this process, Check Sheets can be used effectively. Principles for Judging Alternatives In this step of process, criteria that is used for judging alternatives should be set up. While defining the criteria, goals of organizational and corporate culture should be taken into consideration. Analysis about Different Choice Here in this step of process, different alternatives to analyze the problem is considered. Before generating and implementing any new idea, it will be better to find out alternatives for resolving the problem. For this step, use of cause and effect diagrams and Pareto chart are essential tools. Through cause and effect diagrams it will be possible to identify all possible causes of the problem and priority of causes will be set. Evaluation about Alternatives Here by using judgment principles and decision making criteria, each alternative is evaluated properly. Effectiveness and experience of judgment principles come into existence. Positive and negative points of alternatives should be considered properly. Selection of Best Alternative Among all these alternatives, one best alternative is necessary to consider. For doing this, it is necessary to go through from step 1 to 5. Then you can make decision accordingly to select best alternative. Execution of Decision After making decisions, one should always consider consequences and all positive outcomes of alternatives. After this, plan should be executed. Evaluation of Results Proper evaluation of outcome of decision should be made. Here it should be identified that is there anything that you should learn and correct in future for making decisions. This is an effective process that should improve decision making skills. In this way, by implementing above discussed steps, effective decision making works in business organizations. Six Elements of Business Intelligence Environment Business Intelligence is a strategy based initiative and in business organizations, this environment is necessary to maintain. The business intelligence environment consists of following six elements: Data collection that is related to business environment such as structured and unstructured from various sources that is required to integrate and organized. Other essential factor is related to business intelligence infrastructure. It consists of a database system that is needed to store all the relevant business process data. Besides this, other essential factor that is essential to consider in business intelligence environment is related to analyze data and produce reports, tracking of progress of business by using key indicators of performance. Managerial methods and users is also one of the major element of business intelligence environment. Under this method, managers decide on strategic business goals and it is also decided that how progress is measured for making use of BI and BA tools appropriately. The delivery platforms such as MIS, DSS and ESS are used to results from BA and BI and deliver it to everyone in firm. User interface is also required for business intelligence environment, here visual techniques such as dashboards and scoreboards are used for presenting results of BA and BI. These are major elements of business intelligence environment that must be considered while doing business. (, 2016) Analytical Outputs that Business Intelligence Systems Utilize Business intelligence systems have analytical functionalities: First analytical functionality outputs consists of predefined reports that are based on industry-specific requirements. Parameterized reports are also necessary in case of analytical outputs. Under this parameterized reports, various parameters are entered into pivot table. This is done to filter data and to separate impacts of parameters. Visual tools are used in business environment such as dashboards and scoreboard. These tools are used for presenting performance data that is defined by users. Adhoc query, search and report creation is used for creation their own reports that are based on searches and queries. Analytical output that business intelligence utilizes also consists of drill down factors. This is an ability which is used to move from high-level summary to a more detailed view. Forecasts, scenarios and models are also one of major analytical outputs that is used to perform linear forecasting. It consists of what-if-scenario analysis and analysis of data by using standard statistical tools. How Business Intelligence and Analytics support improve decision making Decision making is an essential process performed by business organizations. It is a critical task to perform and it is responsibility of business management to implement this appropriately. Decision making has both positive and negative impacts on business operations. Business intelligence and analytics support improve decision making in a way that it provides help to improve productivity of business which is necessary for enhancing profit and revenue of business. To do this, business can channel their wide range of resources and workforce to raise productivity of business. Here business intelligence team handles whole work and it results in saving of cost, time and efficient supporting of reports that are required to improve productivity of business. The next way in which business intelligence and analytics can support improved decision making is that crucial or important information can be accessed easily through this activity. This information is regarding companies that is used to improving companies ability for making decisions and for generating competitive advantage. Other way in which business intelligence and analytics supports for decision making is that it provides accurate and timely information to business organizations and on the behalf of that information, business organizations can measure their performances. BI is also helpful in informed decision making regarding strategic issues. In this business intelligence and analytics are helpful for business organizations and these activities ensure that company receives real-time advanced data for ensuring that this information will be utilized properly. (, 2016) Benefits to Modern Business of employing the use of Intelligent Techniques in Decision Making In modern business, business intelligence methodologies and tools are considered to be useful for making critical business level decisions. Due to effectiveness of these methodologies or tools, these have become popular among business organizations. The major benefits that are observed to modern benefits of employing the use of intelligent technique in decision making are listed as below: The major benefit of BI to modern business of employing is the use of measurement activities for determining overall performance metrics. This performance metrics provide information about progress towards business goals. In development of quantitative processes that are required for making decisions, analytical activities are used. In case of business knowledge discovery, analytical activities are also required. Reporting activities that are required to develop an infrastructure for strategic reporting can also developed with the help of business intelligence methodologies, This strategic reporting is useful for strategic decision making mechanism. With the help of Business Intelligence, collaborative activities can be performed and these provide different parties to work together. To perform these activities data sharing and electronic data interchange are used for collaborative work. Knowledge management activities are also performed through business intelligence methodologies. This is important for implementing practices for identifying, representing and distributing of experiences that are required for business knowledge. (Google Books., 2016) How Business Intelligence Systems provide help to people working in groups The methodologies and tools of business intelligence and analytics can be used for both individual level and group level decision making. In group decision making all key executives are involved those provide guidance and strategy for business. Here business intelligence will provide help for making detailed report and analysis and executives can easily make decisions on the behalf of this detail report. Business Intelligence is a real-time performance management tool for monitoring large amount of data that is generated by business organizations. Besides this, it enables business executives for detecting market opportunities. BI guides group members in a way that no conflicts occur while making decisions by them. Business organizations always consider customers behavior while making any essential decisions. Business intelligence also focus on customers behavior and its preferences. This is also effective to make group level decisions. (Miller, 2011) In this way by using significant business intelligence techniques group level decision making can be done easily without any conflicts. Systems for improving enterprise-wide knowledge management systems Enterprise wide knowledge management systems are effort of firms or business organizations for collecting, storing, distributing and applying digital content and knowledge. Structured Knowledge based systems provide tools and databases that are required for storing and organizing structured documents. On other side, semi-structured knowledge based systems are used to manage semi-structured documents such as emails and rich media etc. The knowledge based systems are helpful enough to provide directories and tools that can be used for locating firm employees with special expertise. Enterprise-wide knowledge management systems can be more effective and beneficial, if these will be well-designed and also enable employees for locating, sharing and using knowledge in effective ways.(, 2016) Conclusion After this whole discussion about business intelligence and analytics and its essential methodologies and tools, we can say that today without BI it will become difficult to perform effective decision making by business organizations. Detail reporting system, real time performance activities and appropriate analysis of customers behavior are major features of business intelligence. These reasons enhance the overall popularity of business intelligence in business organizations. Recommendations As we have discussed above effectiveness of Business intelligence in case of decision making, but there are some points that we would like to recommend through this report such as: While implementing business intelligence and its tools and methodologies, appropriate knowledge about these tools is necessary. Experts are required in organizations that have knowledge how business intelligence can be implemented effectively. To get successful outcomes, all BI standards are required to implement at level of management. References ComputerWeekly. (2016). Business intelligence: Collaborative decision-making. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. SearchBusinessAnalytics. (2016). Understanding benefits of business intelligence reporting, data mining. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Effects of Business Intelligence Techniques on Enterprise Productivity. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. Google Books. (2016). Management Information Systems: Managing The Digital Firms. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. Miller, R. (2011). Successful BI deployments have these elements - TechRepublic. [online] TechRepublic. Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Decision Making Process. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Management Information Systems (MIS). [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016]. (2016). Business Intelligence Helps in Strategic Decision Making. [online] Available at: [Accessed 31 Mar. 2016].